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Green Mountain 11-19-2016

The cold weather has finally returned to the PNW! One of the best early season places I have been given beta about is Green Mountain. This is my second season up there and I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to avoid the crowds and ski great powder early season. You should expect to at least hike 1k vertical before good skinning and maybe another 1k before good skiing but it is well worth the effort. The great thing about Green Mountain is that it is mostly grass up high and can be skied with little to no snow. The Darrington area provides excellent rainfall(and snowfall) and is one of the best hidden gems in Washington.

I was joined by Josh and his friend, as well as his two wonderful dogs. We had amazing weather going up but ran into blizzard conditions at the top. The lookout is unfortunately closed for restoration and really wished it was open while we were up there. We will hopefully be working on bringing it back to life and volunteering this summer. Skiing down was miserable due to the visibility but luckily we followed the cliff band along the SE and found stellar blower pow that has rivaled any I have skied in Washington. All in all, another great day in the Washington backcountry.

You can find the forecast for Green Mountain here.