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First Turns of the Season! Heliotrope Ridge – Mt Baker 11-6-2016

I had been checking the weather forcast for the past few days and finally found a decent weather window. Heliotrope Ridge was suppose to get up to 2 feet on Saturday, and Sunday looked decent, so I called up Dave and Peter and we headed up to Baker. Hiking up the trail, which is around 3 miles and 3k vertical, was pretty miserable due to the partially melted out snow on the ground and the melting snow in the trees. But alas, we all could see the beautiful powder that awaited us. After making it above the treeline, we pulled the skis and boots off our pack and started skinning. We made our way right and followed a solo skier who had already laid down a nice skin track and gained the most prominent ridge. We all were a little wary about the snow quality as it was fairly heavy. The first few turns were a little rough but after we started going fast, we started to enjoy the cascade concrete everyone in the NW hates and loves.

After the first lap we were joined by an army of ~12 people and decided to head lookers left to another prominent ridge. The skiing wasn’t too exciting but I made the most of it and skied some figure 8’s which turned out nicely :). After the second lap my legs were toast but Peter pushed us to ski one more lap which was well worth the sore legs the next day. All in all not bad first turns of the season for me. I am really exciting for this winter!

Thank you Dave and Peter for the awesome pictures. I need to get a new camera.