My cousin Josh and I were looking for a training climb for our upcoming trip to Mt Waddington. We decided to go for True Grit, a 5.8 route on Mt Vesper. Josh had done The Ragged Edge earlier and raved about it. We headed out fairly early to avoid the hot sun and made it… [Continue Reading]

I went out climbing at the Upper Town Wall at Index the other day. When I pulled my gear out of my pack to rack up, I discovered that a trigger wire had slipped off the trigger bar on my #3 BD Ultralight cam. This is not the first time this has happened but it… [Continue Reading]

This winter has been absolutely amazing. I have some of the best days of skiing of my life. Every year, I take a ski vacation to chase snow, and this year ended up doing more of a staycation in the PNW, as Washington was suppose to get blasted with snow. My first visit was Mt… [Continue Reading]

You’ve just finished a sweaty six hour approach to the edge of the glacier. You drop your pack, flake the rope and throw on your harness. You reach inside your pack for your sunglasses… NOOO! You realize that you left your sunglasses on the dashboard of the car. You can’t go on without them. If… [Continue Reading]

I love almost everything about my Dynafit TLT 5 boots. They’re comfortable, lightweight, they’re easy to walk in, climb, and ski well. The one thing that I hate is the lower buckle. Because the buckle portion is exposed on the lower outside portion of the boot, every time I walk in snow, the buckle flips… [Continue Reading]

Forbidden Peak – East Ridge

Climbed the East Ridge of Fobidden Peak.

Summit post route description


Boston Glacier

Boston Glacier